Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Places to go for a Brighton girls night out

There are many places in Brighton to go on a girls night out, all depends on what is the vibe for the night. It could start with some drinks by one of the pubs or bars by Brighton Seafront. There are classics, the new refurbished Smugglers or something more funky and chilled, like the Hop Poles. If you fancy a drink right on the seafront then head to the "Fortune of War". If your group wants to start with something classy and quiet you should go to the Regency Tavern right by Regency Square. Toxic on Preston Street offers crazy cocktails to rock your night from the beginning.

Then you should head to something more spicy, maybe you guys should try Rogger Dogger the Fish (RDF), on Preston Street as well. You can drink good cocktails while you have fun with the girls and boys stripping and dancing on the bar.

Then you should head to do some dancing and romancing! Go to the seafront again, probably to experience Funky Budda or Honey Club, Pasha, Madame Geisha is a must. This is a bar with a lot of chick and cool. You can experience very cool DJ's and the best tunes. If you want to shake your booty head to Casa Blanca and see where the rhythms take you. If you are in a spicier mood you can go to a stripper club and more open clubs to have some fun!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

The odeon at Brighton

The Odeon Cinema in Brighton is right on the seafront (On Kings road).

This popular chain of cinemas has a variety of screen rooms. In Brighton, there is a sweets shop with popcorn, chocolates, soft drinks, etc etc. There is also a convenient Ice Cream shop with seats and tables to enjoy while you wait for your film to start.

The Odeon in Brighton is very central. It is in the heart of Brighton night life with many clubs and bars around. In fact, the club Oceana is basically part of the same building. There are parking places very close to the cinema so there is no problem if you are driving. It is located 5 mins from Churchill Square where all the buses stop, so it is very well connected.

If you want to book a ticket in advance, you can go to their website www.odeon.co.uk and collect your tickets at the cinema to avoid the queues.

There is also a Cineworld cinema at the Brighton Marina.

Cafes in Brighton

The Bandstand Cafe in Brighton

Located along the seafront, this newly renovated and opened little cafe is already becoming trendy. The little kiosk on top of the cafe is a cultural spot that serves as a venue for multiple events from traditional medieval music to salsa classes.

The sea view of this cafe is great, the atmosphere of this place is nice and invites to a peaceful walk along the sea front to watch the sunset. Highly recommended.

The Red Roaster Cafe

This traditional cafe is at the begining of Kemp town, just off the Old Steine.

Delice cafe

Located on Kensigton Gardens. Recently awarded as one of the best places to eat in Brighton.

Monday, 31 August 2009

Hen nights in Brighton

Brighton is well known for its Hen Nights tradition (Hen night is known in other places like staggette, in canada for example). And for all the ones who do not know that either, a hen night is when all the bride's girl friends and any ladie who is invited to attend to the wedding, go out for drinks. And, in general they are quite naughty in those hen nights. Having booze, being sexy, etc..

All year round, it is very common in Brighton to find a bunch of ladies with funny outfits clubbing and having fun, sometimes a lot of fun. Particularly in the summer, hen weekends in Brighton is non stop activity. Limousines or even buses collecting and taking ladies to places. Many often groups of stag night boys meet hen night girls, you know what I mean, I guess I dont need to describe the situation.

Last Friday, I went to Smugglers for a Corona party in Brighton. It was great, lots of people having fun and drinking away. A group of hen night ladies invaded the place, literally, they made the place their own. One of them came and pretended to take a picture with me, when another one was trying to slap my bum... after that, at least three were putting underwear on my head. Anyway, you get the picture...

There are several companies that organise hen nights packages one of them was telling me, all you need to say is how much money per person you want to spend and the hen night company tailors a package for you, including accommodation, food and drinks, limo, strippers and all... talking about organised entertainment.

I am not sure if that was part of their hen party games, but they were having fun. That was for sure. Of course they had like a theme, hen night t shirts, hats, many sex toys or 'hen night accesories' and even a special whistle to recruit the group.

With all that jazz I was thinking to find out about stripper jobs in Brighton! I would not mind go and have a laugh at their hotel for a couple of hours...

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Brighton Handbags

I was checking my stats yesterday of this blog and most of my visitors found this blog looking for Brighton Handbags! Not that I talk about fashion, clothes or anything. I just did not realise there is a brand of handbags with that name. I wonder if that means this is becoming a good blog. Lol.

Well, anyway sorry for the visitors who arrived here looking for Brighton Handbags. I am afraid this has been the only time I have written about handbags. At least intentionally.

I wonder if in Brighton they sell Brighton Handbags. In my next visit to Churchill Square will keep an eye on that.

In the mean time, it is the mid of the week and I am quite tired. Maybe I should go to bed instead of cheking stats...

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Pubs in Brighton

In one of the cities with highest density of pubs, famous for its lively night life and partying spirit, it is important to know somethign about pubs.

My favourite pubs in Brighton:

Pubs For relaxing and enjoy a drink:
  • The battle of trafalgar: it is by the station, nice place to have a beer or two. Not loud so you can chat. Good location for a drink after work. It has nice food, nice patio for a sunny day.
  • The evening star: great selection of beers. Friendly atmosphere. Close to the station.
  • The hampton: quiet, big tables. Good to relax.
  • The montpellier inn: great place to watch the footy with mates.
  • the robin hood: non-profit pub. Charities target.... worth paying him a visit.
  • The basket makers

Before going out pubs:
  • Hop poles: pros: central, sometimes good atmosphere. cons: it is pricey now at days...
  • Black lion: pros: central, good to warm up. cons: can get crowded.
  • Full moon: central, nice and relaxed atmosphere with a hint of a bar environment.

Pubs For eating:
  • The eagle: quite nice atmosphere, perfect for having lunch on a sunny day.
  • The wind mill: a bit central location. Great atmosphere to enjoy an evening drink.
  • The Hartington: close to the Hanover area. Very good food and service.
  • The earth and stars: nice pub by the station with very good food.

Music Pubs:
  • Bee's mouth: seems a bit narrow from the entrance but it has a basement area. Nice atmosphere.
  • Lion and lobster: nice pub, sometimes very crowded. Nice music.
  • Gemini: on a sunny day by the beach listening to music.... a must...
There are many pubs in brighton and hove area that have a particular characteristic that makes each a unique pub. For example the international football games in the King and Queen. This pub has probably the largest international clientele. This is because it is located really close to a language school, so international students make it its local which together with its massive screens, makes it one of the most exciting pubs to watch international football games in Brighton.

Another pub that has big screens and it is good fro watching sport events is the walk about. It is located at the bottom of queen street. Almost by the sea front. The relaxed atmosphere makes it good for sports and events.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Fabric shop in Brighon

Today I went to the North Lanes in Brighton looking for velcro. I supposed I could find a shop that would sell it.

By coincidence, I ended up in a very nice pen shop with nice notebooks, scratch paper, inks, etc. I asked the kind lady there about the velcro I was looking for. She pointed me to a fabric shop in the Lanes. It is a very nice fabric shop, with nice people.

This fabric shop was busy but the young lady there was ready to help and finally I was able to have the velcro I needed to repair my futon. The problem with the futton is that the matress is loose on the frame, so when it is unfolded as a bed, the matress moves around a bit.

So my brilliant idea is to keep it in its place by attaching it to the frame using velcro. Couple of stitches would be more than enough to put the velcro in the right place. This was my saturday morning errand.

I think there is one more fabric shop in the North Lanes but I am not positive. I am not sure where else in Brighton you could find a fabric shop. Is one of those things you never realise is hard to find until you need it.

From now on, the problem about the velcro is solved. Thanks to the fabric shop in the Lanes!